Men’s Health: Take Care of Yourself

Let’s start having more serious conversations about your health. June is Men’s Health Awareness Month but this discussion should be happening every month, not just one month of the year.

Feeling tired, stressed, not getting enough sleep. These are symptoms. They’re not normal and you shouldn’t have to feel this way all the time (or even some of the time). And, these symptoms can just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to something deeper.

It’s not about “sucking it up” or “being a man”. It’s time to start taking care of yourself.

Here are some facts pertaining to men and why you should look at making some proactive changes:

  • Only 30% of a man’s overall health is determined by genetics; that means 70% can be modified through lifestyle changes!
  • The average lifespan for a man is just over 80 years; men live 9 total years of those in poor health mostly preventable through lifestyle changes (that’s over 10% of a man’s lifespan)
  • 79% of men are more likely to die from heart disease than women
  • 42% of men consider themselves to be unhealthy; 62% of men have an unhealthy diet
  • Men who sleep 7-8 hours a night have up to 60% less risk of a fatal heart attack than those who sleep less than 5 hours
  • Inactive men are 60% more likely to suffer from depression
  • Testosterone levels start dropping in men at around 40 years — this can negatively impact mental focus, sex drive, energy levels, and muscle mass

70% of men’s health conditions can be prevented with small, gradual lifestyle changes. I want to help you start making those changes so you can live your best life. It’s not about gluten-free diets or quitting caffeine. It’s about what works for you and what you think you can manage right out of the gate.

Let’s talk about where you want to take your health and how I can help you get there. Lifestyle changes and looking at your bigger symptom picture — that’s right up my alley as a naturopathic doctor.

Book a consultation today to get started on your personal journey to feeling better.

Canadian Men’s Health Foundation survey conducted between May 26 to 29, 2014