About Dr. Jenne

I lift. I run. I live life.

When I lift, I lift heavy things. Discovering the world of weightlifting has been quite a defining moment in my life. Lifting prior to and during my pregnancy kept me in-shape and sane and likely helped in the ease at which I delivered both of my son and daughter (I was deadlifting two days before my son’s delivery date!).

When I run, I run with the best running partner I could ask for — our standard poodle Finley. She accompanies me, always keeping pace, and at times, urging me to keep going. I may have had the occasional in-depth conversations with her while trotting along our runs. Whatever I can do to keep it entertaining works for me.

At home, you can usually find me in front of the stove or oven devising recipes for healthy (and moderately healthy) meals while experimenting with different flavours and textures of food. My main taste testers are my husband and toddler son, but with the recent addition of our daughter, I have yet another palate with whom I can introduce new flavours.

Moderation is fundamental for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Whether at home or in my practice, that is the foundation I build upon.